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The view from The Rooftop of the East Village Pub in Sydney is pretty bloody good. There’s no glimpse of The Harbour of The Bridge or the Oprah House or anything like that, but you most certainly have a pretty bloody good view of Central Sydney.

I was there tonight by a mate from work whose wife has a small company which was celebrating their tenth anniversary. It was the second time I’d been there, the first time being for a film industry event. And as with then, you couldn’t have picked a more attractive night to go out. It was warm, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was celebratory, and there were lots of interesting people to chat with.

It was just the right thing to do on a Tuesday night after a busy day at work. You know how some jobs wind down towards this time of the year? I actually get busier, and so I barely have time to scratch myself at the moment. Several significant deadlines are due right now at work. I knocked off the first today. More to come throughout the week and then yay… it’s the weekend againb :)

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  1. All of my non-media friends are most confused by the fact that I don’t start to relax around Christmas time. Although this is the first time in years I’ve gotten more than a week off over Christmas.

    It’s just a stress getting everything I would normally do in that week done beforehand =/

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