Christmas Eve

Skype Lesson
Skype Lesson

A few weeks ago my sister asked me if I was on Skype? This surprised me at the time, because she’s never really been one interested in computers or technology.

Skype, of course, is quite a different thing: it’s about communication. And so when she became aware of the technology, and in particular, the idea of video calls, she became quite interested. With assistance from her grandson and niece, we’ve conducted a few video calls since then.

As we spent Christmas Eve together, I gave her a few lessons in using Skype herself from computer set-up to computer set-down. She’s been a great student. I’ve managed to add a few relevant addresses for her too. Thus, Christmas Eve became a connector for her for family and friends near and far.

More importantly, she’s now empowered to make these connections herself. Aside from the lovely electronic photo-frame I bought her, I think this is probably the best Christmas gift I could give this year.

I guess it means I’ll have to start wearing clothes – I mean shirts – at home more often in case she calls unexpectedly. :)

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