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There was a lot of talk, both at work and at home today about the possibility of flooding in Lismore this summer.

Over the last few weeks, I keep hearing about the similarity between weather patterns now and those which resulted in the Nyngan Flood of 1990, and those which resulted in the floods in Lismore, Brisbane (and other places) in 1974.

I remember the 1974 flood very well. Our house was isolated for several days. If we had another flood reaching a similar height, one of my sisters would have floodwater water inside her house, while the other would have water nudging the top step. Other family members would be affected, though not to such an extent.

It’s something you don’t want to contemplate, but I sense a feeling among my family and locals more generally about the inevitability of it all.

Although it’s stopped raining tonight, there’s a bit of a general glumness about the place. “What should I bring with me?” my friend Sue asked as we chatted on the phone, as I walked around my sister’s backyard. I told her I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and things, and that it wasn’t humid, nor was it cold, as is often the case around this time of year. The hills are green, but the sky is grey.

Another colleague, via email, told me he hoped his decision not to come home to Lismore wasn’t premature, and that it doesn’t suddenly turn into the normally glorious summer you might expect on the North Coast. I don’t get that impression: it’s green, it’s pleasant, and it’s wet.

While my family went about the business of life, I went about the business of business, spending most of my day in our local office here. I got a fair bit done and even gave myself a bit of an early mark.

It’s nice being close enough to work, and with fewer distractions that I can wake up reasonably late, get to work quickly, do an intense amount of work, and then make it home with enough time to hang out with my family. So this is what work/life balance is all about? I see…

Speaking of which I was confirmed today in the job I’ve been acting in since early November. After nearly two years of acting in a number of short-term roles, I’ve now got something to sink my teeth into again. And it’s a promotion. Yay.

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  1. Local staff aren’t concerned about the Sydney VIP visiting and throwing his weight around? Melbourne, clear blue skies, air fresh and clean, sunny and 26.

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