Complete Silence

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

As I walked along my street tonight I looked at the half a dozen or so houses with Christmas lights. Aside from the Santa with moving arms and head, there’s really nothing spectacular about the lights in my street. It’s not the kind of street where people are likely to drive up and down looking at the pretty lights. Although the apartment upstairs has some on their balcony, it’s the terrace houses (where I guess they have children) who have them. And no one seems to have gone to much effort

In the midst of a crazy couple of days, I needed a moment or two of bliss-out child-like non-concentration. I know I’ve mentioned this before here, how I like at least half an hour of absolute complete silence when I get home, but it came up again in conversation again today at work. A colleague who consumes a fair bit of media, and who, like me, spends his life talking and listening, told me he too demands complete silence when he arrives home.

Perhaps it’s an issue of work-life balance? Perhaps things will be different when I’m working from Lismore next week. But in preparing for that move to Lismore, I feel like I’m running out of time. My work life is extremely busy right now. And although I’ll be working from Lismore when I get there next week, there’s still a sense of a headline looming. I feel there’s so much I need to do before next week. And there’s the Christmas catch-ups.

I’m not complaining, I’m just thinking out loud I guess.

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  1. The silence when you first get home is nothing unusual. I think its about letting the brain finish processing everything from the day and provide a buffer between work and life. So often you’ll still be thinking about work late in the evening without that break in the thought process. I like to think of it as a switch – it just takes some time to flick the switch though.

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