Radio Days Review

It’s quite funny to find yourself captured on screen, isn’t it? Although you know you’re in a public place, and there’s always the chance of being captured, it’s always a surprise when you actually find yourself on Youtube, isn’t it?

Anyway, I found this rather amusing image of myself tonight as I was search for information about Radio Days Europe. It was a conference I attended last year, and was fortunate enough to be invited to participate on a panel at. I wrote about my experiences at the conference here and here. I enjoyed the conference very much, and I’ve been following a few of the participants ever since.

I’d dearly love to go back again this year, but circumstances prevent that. Maybe next year? Still, I’m keen to follow what happens at the conference and spent a bit of time tonight searching for what’s online already. And that’s when I found this video on Youtube which features a brief image of me walking along with a cup of tea in the background.

Could have been worse, though I guess.

Aside from that, it was a productive day at work and a sleepy day at home tonight. Aside from the Youtubin, the only other thing I’ve done is leave messages for some friends and doing some searchin’ for a new internet provider. Although I’ve been happyish with my provider, I think I’m paying too much for them. As I’ve researched, I’ve been surprised to discover The Big T actually offers quite a good, reasonably priced service, and may be quite suitable. Who would have thought?

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