Great Views

“The best views in Sydney are from cemeteries and bowling clubs”, I overheard someone say earlier today. An interesting comment, since today the two seemed to combine quite well, as I attended a memorial service for the mother of a friend of mine, which was held at the North Sydney Bowling Club.

As both she and her husband left their bodies for “scientific research” there was no “funeral” when she died a couple of weeks ago. Instead the family held a very beautiful and memorable tribute afternoon to the life and times of their wonderful mother. There were photographs and stories of course.

But that was not the only extent of the afternoon’s creativity from this wonderfully talented family. With a guitar and a piano, THEY sang her favourite songs and read her favourite poems and stories. Meanwhile, the afternoon was hosted by her incredibly talented 12-year old grand-daughter – who seems to have inherited much of the spirit and strength of her old family members – which included a short film made by another incredibly talented grandchild which featured a lot of home video. And at the end of the day, we were all given a sticker with her name on it, to “keep her spirit alive and in our lives as well”. Beautiful stuff.

From there it was home for an early evening nap, and then a meal at The Balkan. A very memorable Sunday to say the least.

And so good not to be sitting at home in front of TV. That said, I’m looking forward to “Paper Giants” which I set the record button for earlier tonight. That might have to wait until Easter, I think.

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