Anna Järvinen performing Lilla Anna

My new Swedish pop favourite – Anna Järvinen

Anna Järvinen performing Lilla Anna
Anna Järvinen performing Lilla Anna

For the last few weeks I’ve had the song “Lilla Anna” by the Finnish-Swedish singer, Anna Järvinen stuck in my head.

She’s a Finnish-born singer-songwriter who moved to Stockholm at a young age, according to her Swedish-language Wikipedia Entry.

The rest of the entry goes on to say she was in a pop group, “Granada” for a while, but has been a solo performer for about the last decade, and that her solo work has received a number of Swedish Grammy nominations.

The entry also mentions that she’s an art-teacher on the island of Lidingö in Stockholm.

I guess what I like most about the song is the whole 60’s vibe to it, and that she looks seriously like a cross between Björk and Glenda Jackson.


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  1. Roger

    try Anna’s fb page, she gives out the song for free, and may post the text if you ask for it

  2. JudgeG

    Hmmm…it’s okay but not quite my cup of tea. I guess we’ll never have to fight over who’s the biggest fan of what artist or group….you’re getting more eclectic as you get older!

  3. liamliamliam

    I have her debut, Jag fick feeling, and liked it as background music but it never really grabbed me. This, I enjoy a lot more – the spacey, 60s vibe you mentioned.

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