Stockholm University Nature Walk

After a rather healthy – and when I say healthy, I mean “big fat” – lunch today, I decided it was time to get healthy and go for a great big walk in a part of Stockholm I’ve never been before. After a few days of experiencing the urban environment of the city, I also figured it was time for a bit of a nature walk. But where?

“Universities always have great park-lands”, I thought to myself, “a place for students and academics to think great thoughts in wonderful settings”. And so I checked the map, and indeed Stockholm University is surrounded by some terrific bushland and beaches.

So I jumped on a #40 bus and headed over. I don’t know much about trees and plants, but I do know how to take arty-farty photographs.

So, without captions, here are some photographs from my great big urban bush walk.

Having done the big walk, I feel a lot less guilty about lunch, and I feel very chilled from having done a bit of exercise, and having experienced some great natural scenes.

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    1. The combination of light and shade – especially the light later at night – and the various colours make it difficult to take a bad photograph right now.

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