School Night #2

Strawberry Hills Hotel
Strawberry Hills Hotel

“I just have to make sure everyone has a good meal, and then I’ll be happy”, I told some colleagues earlier tonight.

They were concerned my main meal hadn’t arrived at the same time as theirs. I’d told the people at the pub, “look after everyone else and I’ll come to you at the end”.

I hadn’t realised until then the “emotional investment” I’d put into organising the conference. What you think is a fairly straightforward arrangement of booking somewhere for dinner suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. “Did they enjoy their meals? Did they wait too long? Did they sit next to interesting people?” are just some of the questions you ask yourself.

In the end, you know it’s all going to be fine, but you never stop worrying until…

Until everyone’s had their meal, they’ve had a drink, they’ve had a good chat with someone they’ve never met before, until you hear some laughter, and until you know you can go home happily knowing it’s all been okay. And until you can tweet something like…

Been out tonight with lots of interstate colleagues. Strawberry Hills Hotel staff were terrific at dealing with a large group. Everyone had fun and we kept ourselves nice. Had a wonderful night. Have a warm inner glow, and not just from the beers :)

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