Spice I Am
Spice I Am in Sydney

“When was the last time we came here?”, Damo asked me over dinner last night. Looking back through my blog this morning, I see that it was January 2008 when we last ate at “Spice I Am”.

The big news of that night was that I had just booked an extended overseas holiday. Co-incidentally, Damo and his girlfriend Kristen (who joined us for dinner last night) are about to book their own extended overseas holiday. How’s that for unintended synchronicity?

While our lives may have changed just a bit since January 2008, I’m pleased to say “Spice I Am” hasn’t changed all that much.

“Wasn’t the furniture pretty dodgy back then?, Damo went on to observe as we left the restaurant last night. I don’t recall much about the furniture, but I do remember the food was excellent, if perhaps a little spicy for my tastes at the time. But hey, it is called “Spice I Am”.

Spice I Am
Spice I Am - Soft-shell crab

As with the last time we ate there, we gulped down the rice-paper rolls and the soft-shelled crab. But we also added the Massaman duck curry and pork belly to the meal. Although the last time we were there, I thought the rice-paper rolls were pretty amazing, they didn’t really overwhelm me this time. I thought they were okay. But that didn’t matter so much as the rest of the meal was excellent.

Maybe my tastes have changed/become more used to spicy food? Maybe it was the careful removal of some of the more obvious pieces of chilli? Or maybe they’ve toned down the spices a little since 2008, but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the spicey-ness this time, as I was briefly last time.

Great service – (our twenty minute wait turned into five) – great prices, great location, and it was thus a perfect way to start off Friday night. I must make sure to visit again soon and not leave it three and a half years again.

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