For the last few days I’ve been meaning to pop across the road and take a photograph of the restored mural in the nearby park. Back in October last year, when there was first talk of a renovation, it was looking a bit shabby, to say the least. That was when the first development application or council notification or whatever came around. Five months later, it’s looking pretty good.

Bird mural near the park on Nickson Street
Bird mural on Edgley/Nickson Street
Bird mural on Edgley/Nickson Street, Surry Hills

As I’ve been sick the last few weeks I’ve been able to watch some of those involved go about their jobs. It’s been fascinating to watch the combination of experts and tradesmen coming together to work on the project. They’ve worked co-operatively, they’ve enjoyed morning tea and lunch together, and they’ve gotten on with the job of turning the shabby old mural into something new, while obviously protecting its cultural and artistic integrity.

Ater a couple of weeks away from work – on “death’s door” – it’s been kinda weird returning to work, especially since I need to pop out for an hour or so each day to have my wound dressed. “You’re finishing up early today”, the bloke at the chicken shop said to me, as I walked in for lunch today. When I explained my situation, he expressed concern, but then realised my current affliction is more of a nuisance than a real concern. The pain has pretty much gone. I hardly feel the impact of the dressings any more. The only thing which causes me concern is that I’ve picked up a minor cold in the last few days. Everyone at work who doesn’t know what my illness was, assumes I’ve been off with the flu or something. I’ve got a visit to the doctor tomorrow, and then hopefully just a few more days of daily dressings. And then, I suppose I can start 2012.

I was chatting to someone the other day noting that I don’t really have a “plan” for the year yet. Normally by this time of the year I’d have some wild and exotic travel plan already in the back of my mind. But this year, I don’t. Or at least not yet.

Interestingly, a colleague who works on Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games coverage noted that I usually take leave when the games are on. “Do I?”, I asked her. And then she noted I went overseas for both Beijing and Delhi. “Oh yeah, I suppose I do”, I said to her. So yeah, I better start thinking about 2012 and what I want to do this year, eh?

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