Now Hear This – Christmas Special

“Remember your credit card has a limit, not a target” was one of my favourite lines delivered at the Now Hear This story-telling night at the State Library of NSW.

Now Hear This is a radio project I’ve had some involvement in over the last couple of years.

Most of the time it’s a story-telling slam, where people stand up before a live audience and tell a story of about five minutes duration. I’ve actually done it myself once. The stories are recorded for radio, and many of them end up on air.

Tonight’s show was a little more “celebrity” than others with broadcasters like Sally Sara and Sarah Macdonald, appearing alongside author, Linda Jaivin, politician, Malcolm Turnbull and others.

Malcolm Turnbull delivered my other favourite line from the night, as he reminisced about how we’ve quickly become a culture where virtually everything was “forgotten” (unless it was written down or passed on from generation to generation) to a culture where virtually nothing is “forgotten”.

The recorded program goes to air later in December on RN.

The program has a great Soundcloud account that’s worth checking out.

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  1. I think I have heard them all, but I don’t recall yours. Some of them were very memorable. The African parrot comes to mind.

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