Cockatoo Island – Sydney Biennale

Despite the rather dodgy weather, we spent most of yesterday afternoon wandering around Cockatoo Island, as part of this year’s Biennale of Sydney. For the three of us, the most memorable works were in stark contrast to each other: the playful work based around gym equipment, “Bush Power” and the dramatic, beautiful film, “Inferno 2013”.

“Bush Power” is a really fun work of art. The artists have combined gym equipment with lots of crazy things including a plastic human skeleton, hoses, and even child’s swimming pool. As you use the equipment, there’s a range of flow-on effects: sometimes what you do produces music, other times, it can lead to the production of bubbles. There were a lot of smiles amongst those who viewed and participated in the work.

In stark contrast was the film, “Inferno”. With lots of strong Jewish religion imagery, the film contrasts religious belief and practice a few thousand years ago with today. We sat there, quietly mesmerised by the film’s pure emotion and beauty.

Other interesting and memorable works included: the giant waterfall by Eva Coch, the “smoking houses” by Randi and Katrine, the videoscape by Nathan Gray (in the abandoned bomb shelter) and the soundscape by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth. And of course, the “ghost train” by Callum Morton. The things we all really liked about the day were the broad variety of works and the beautiful way in which they were presented (some seriously good projectors and screens). And of course, the amazing environment you find at Cockatoo Island. I’d highly recommend a visit.

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