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Earlier this week when I watched Episode 6 of “Welcome To Sweden”, the episode where Bruce and his father Wayne ended up, unexpectedly, in a “gay bar” in Stockholm, I felt an instant sense of recognition. “That’s Sidetrack”, I thought to myself, a bar I’ve visited on several occasions over the last few years.

I mentioned this via email a few nights ago to a friend who has visited Stockholm on many occasions and he was instantly dmismissive of the suggestion. “No, it had far too much room for Sidetrack. And they wouldn’t even be able to fit the cameras in there.”, he told me.

I still wasn’t convinced, and so I went back tonight and watched the episode again. I also searched online for photographs of Sidetrack. I was right, and I’ve finally convinced my friend through the weight of evidence.

Odd really that I know more about the insides of gay bars in Stockholm than I do of the insides of gay bars in Sydney.

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  1. The latest episode features Bjorn from ABBA. It’s a little embarrassing, to be honest.

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