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I caught up tonight with the American version of “Welcome To Sweden” which premiered last night on NBC. “Welcome To Sweden” is a Swedish TV show about an American, Greg Poehler (Amy’s brother) who moves to Sweden, as I’ve blogged previously about here and here.

Taking it from Sweden’s TV4 to NBC, I thought they might have re-shot a few of the scenes in English, but was surprised to discover they went with subtitles instead.

The only “censoring” I spotted was in the sauna scene where they’ve pixelated an image. This is kinda weird, since I don’t actually remember any kind of genital visibility in the original series. Is this a case of “Unnecessary Censorship” Jimmy Kimmel style? Oh yeah, and words like “mf….” are either bleeped or removed.

No doubt they’ll eventually play it on Australian commercial TV for a couple of weeks, then move it to a late night spot, then move it to another channel in another timeslot, and then never play the last few episodes, or maybe they will, but in the wrong order :) Glad I got to see it beforehand.

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  1. Re your last paragraph; and then the networks wonder why some programs rate poorly. Viewers don’t want to invest their time in series that they can’t easily follow and/or cannot see through their end.

    1. Thankfully ABC and SBS don’t tend to do that, and that’s where I watch most of my television. I also tend not to watch week by week anymore, usually recording a series, and then watching it all over a weekend.

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