Niji Sushi Bar

It’s been one hell of a crazy week at work (and about to get even crazier), so when Sue texted me this afternoon asking if I’d like to go out for dinner, I was in two minds. On the one hand, part of me wanted to just go home, sit on the balcony and have a drink or seven. On the other hand, it would have been greeat to go out with her, have a chat and eat some terrific food. The offer was a sushi place at Kingsford, not far from where she lives.

I told her I just wanted to go home, get out of my “Work clothes”, have a gin and tonic on the balcony and relax. While the temptation would have been to stay at home, sit on the balcony, and enjoy a second or eighth gin and tonic, I made a quick decision I would definitely join her for dinner. And I’m pleased I did: first because of the catchup, and second because the food at Niji Sushi Bar was pretty bloody good.

The prices were good, the food was good, the service was a little slow and inconsistent. We asked for some bowls for a share meal a couple of times before they actually turned up, for example, and there was a fair gap between the first meal and the remainders. But that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since the restaurant was really very busy. And the food was very tasty. Would probably go back there again.

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