I had a really wonderful afternoon catching up with some mates, one of whom, visiting from the UK, I hadn’t seen since 2010. We were in Sweden together then, and he was there for a concert by a Swedish pop singer…

Lisa Nilsson. Although I’d never heard of her before, she’s apparently quite good, and she was performing in Norrkoping to celebrate her twenty year career. It was amazing seeing Cliff so much slimmer than when he came to Australia all those years ago. He’s lost almost forty kilograms, thanks to a lot of personal discipline on his part. We chatted about life, the universe and everything. And it was great to see him expressing his passion for photography by taking lots of snaps.

He was talking about photography again today, and in particular, how it was cheaper to buy a new camera in Australia, than it would be in the UK. He’s here for a couple of weeks, so no doubt there’ll be more catchups, including next weekend when I’m having a few drinks to celebrate/commemorate my fff…ffff.ffff…birthday party.

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