Destination Arnold

Have just been to see a preview of Destination Arnold, a soon to be shown on ABC-TV documentary, produced by my friend, Michaela Perske. I never thought I’d be interested in the world of female bodybuilding, but it was absolutely brilliant. I cared about the women involved, and loved the honesty of the emotions and experiences they shared.

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  1. James

    Please scratch that comment. I have no explanation for this but as I was uploading it, the comment page turned to the Destination Arnold page before my very eyes! Bizarre.

    On a not entirely unrelated note, on two occasions in the past several years, after clicking on an hyperlink I have received ABC local radio twice!

    Incidentally, I found that Syms Covington, who was Charles Darwin’s assistant during the Beagle voyage became postmaster at Pambula. I looked for a connection to Love descendants but did not find one.

    • Glad to hear it’s working, but some weird stuff. Wondering if it’s to do with cached sites.

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