Surry Hills Bakery

You might recall a few months ago, I wrote about the widespread sadness in my part of Surry Hills / Redfern about the closure of our long-term bakery local, Baker’s Bun. Though I should stress, it wasn’t so much the loss of a local business, it was about the loss of a long-term local family in such sad circumstances: a fatal stroke for the business owner and family patriarch.

Locally and online, there was an outpouring of emotion, as people left tribute cards pinned to the window shutters, and online. So many people felt such a connection to such a lovely family, especially as we had seen the children go from toddlers to adults before our eyes.

This morning, as I made my way down the street to grab a coffee from the shop next door, I was pleased to see a new family has moved in, and they’re also running a bakery. I popped my head inside and said a brief “welcome” to the woman behind the counter. Starting a business is always hard. I hope they do well.

Baker's Bun Thankyou
Baker’s Bun Thankyou
Surry Hills Bakery
Surry Hills Bakery

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