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“Do you mind if I sit down for a moment?”, I asked the woman sitting by herself at a table. “My grand-daughter’s just gone off to get some food, as I can’t get around much. But you can stay until she comes back.”, she said.

We started chatting about our lives, as you do. And when I told her what I did for a living, she asked if I knew such and such. “Yes, very well”, I told her. She then went on to tell me her husband had taught him when he and his family were living in Tennant Creek.

In the media, it’s common to try to pinpoint people you may have worked with. And, generally when you meet someone from a country town, and tell them where you’re from, the conversation of “do you know such and such” inevitably springs up. “People in cities ask you what you do for a living, people in country towns ask you where you’re from”, I’ve often noted.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Mindill Beach Markets in Darwin, but it’s quite a few. They’re most memorable for their food, and their sunsets. They also sell a lot of stuff which I generally describe as “stuff you can buy, but stuff you don’t need”. Well, aside from food, and today I enjoyed some pickled octopus and some home made sorbet.

I sent my friend Sue a photograph of the pickled octopus, as she and I are great fans of it. She’s coming to visit for a few days, is then headed on a tour to Kakadu, returning next week for some Darwin Festival and Art Fair activities with me.

One of the great things about Mindill Beach Markets is how people leave the markets momentarily to watch the sun set into the ocean.
Taking photographs is something everyone at the markets seems to do.
Mindil Beach Sunset
Though today’s sunset was good, for me it was nowhere as spectacular as the last time I saw it, last year, at low tide. How great is this photograph?

But of course, I’m here for work, and yesterday I managed to combine a bit of work and outdoors activity. A good mate from Sydney (a work colleague) is also here, heading off to the major Indigenous gathering, Garma.

The Drum in Darwin

The team from ABC TV’s “The Drum” is also going to Garma, and yesterday, they broadcast their program from the Darwin Waterfront.

Watching ABC TV’s “The Drum” go to air live from Darwin.
Though it was a great show, we were slightly distracted by this going on in the background. Looks like such fun. They did it for most of the hour. Awfully tempting to join them.

Sue wants to know if we can do the same thing while she’s here. :):)

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