Sydney to Darwin

Sometimes when I’ve come to Darwin the plane has been almost empty. In 2010, for example, I travelled via Cairns, which involved a six-hour stop-over. Thirteen hours after leaving Sydney, I finally arrived. On the connection between Cairns and Darwin there were, maybe, a dozen people only on the plane. On yesterday’s trip, however, the plane was well and truly packed. There were no spare seats. Well, not in economy.

Unlike most times on a plane (where I choose the aisle in preference), this time I chose the window seat. Specifically, I wanted to snap some photographs out of the window, to watch the landscape change.

Just over the NSW/Queensland Border
Close to Katherine
Arriving at Darwin

Though I’m here for work, I’m hoping there’ll be lots of out of hours activities to report on, and lots more photographs.

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  1. I loved your Sydney shot. For about 10 years I lived in that picture, at the far end of the avenue of trees just above and to the right (in your picture) of the swimming pool, which is Petersham Pool (these days the Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre). The Petersham bowlo greens are looking a bit unkempt..

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