Circular Quay, Sydney, views at dawn

Having woken early, and knowing the weather would be fine this weekend, I caught a train to Circular Quay ahead of sunrise. There weren't too many people around. Just a handful of early morning walkers, and a couple of other people with an interest in photography. When I arrived, one photographer (with a tripod) had [...]

Sydney Photowalk

You remember how "in the olden days" you were limited by the number of photographs you could take on a roll of film? It was generally 12, 24 or 36. I remember when a roll of 36 film was expensive to buy, and even more expensive to process. As a child, I would generally only [...]

People with Cameras

"There are so many photographers here I don't know where to look", was not the phrase you would expect from a bride-to-be in Sydney's Hyde Park this afternoon. It was then her official wedding photographer looked behind, and realised he, not she, was the centre of attention. Unwittingly, they found themselves in the midst of [...]

Sydney Contemporary

Greg Samu, Saint Sebastian

"Are there any photographers other than Trent Parke?", I asked my friend Kate tonight. As noted, I have decided the best way to "tackle" Sydney Contemporary is to spend a day/night exploring a particular medium. And so tonight, I decided I'd "tackle" photography. To be brutally honest, there wasn't a lot which impressed. Indeed, there [...]

Australian Life

"At my funeral, can you take a photograph instead of having a guestbook?", I asked my friend Sue on the weekend. "It's always so hard thinking of what to say", I added, noting it would be far more interesting and far easier just to take a photograph of everyone. The photograph of those attending the [...]


In the midst of all the posters on Götgatan (the main street of Södermalm) promoting concerts, festivals, comedy nights, and dance clubs, there was one I saw the other week which really stood out. In contrast to the all the other posters which were very "busy", this poster portrayed a single image of twenty-something woman [...]

Fotografiska Museet

Fotografiska Museet Cafe

"I think I've found the spot for my fiftieth birthday", I told Sue as we sat and enjoyed some late afternoon refreshments at the top floor cafe of Stockholm's Fotografiska Museet (Photographic museum). Even though I've been to the museum on a few occasions before this, I'd never actually made it to the top floor [...]

Art and About Tuesday

Late afternoon sun on Surbrunnsgatan in Stockholm

The “day” started a little later for me, as I enjoyed a reasonably good “sleep in” this morning, after last night going out for a drink at Torget. After a moment or two of sitting by myself, I was befriended by a young bloke who told me he was originally from the far north of [...]

Michael K. Chin

One of the really terrific parts of my job is that I get to meet some really interesting people who I would otherwise not meet in my normal day to day life. Such is the case of Michael K. Chin. He’s a composer and DJ from Sydney who appeared at Parramasala on the weekend. He [...]

Blake Prize and Sydney Life

I spent the day visiting two of my favourite annual art exhibitions in Sydney "Sydney Life" and "The Blake Prize". "Sydney Life" is a photographic competition and exhibition held each year in Hyde Park. "The Blake Prize" is a spiritual/religious themed art competition and exhibition held each year at the National Art School. They're exhibitions [...]