September Socials

September 1 : Went for a lovely morning walk around Barrangaroo, Circular Quay, and other parts of inner city Sydney. Great start to the day.

September 1: Went to the Chips Mackinolty exhibition, put on by Damien Minton. Awesome political posters across the generations. Keep an eye out for the bloke in the red beanie.
September 9 : Getting a haircut. Who knew there were so many options? I’ll stick to clipper cut number one.
September 10: I’m not sure if the broader family group knows, so posting here that Bill Bobbin has died, and will be buried on Thursday. He had a “good innings” and died this week after a lengthy battle with cancer. Pictured here with his brother, Jack at a couple of memorable Christmas lunches in the last few years.
September 15: This guy has appeared on 7.30 twice, and both times I have received a number of comments from friends. I’m thinking of changing my Twitter profile pic. I sent him a DM and replied “OMG Brothers from another mother!”
September 17: In the apartment block in which I live (32 apartments), we have a cat called Biscuit who is “communally owned” (whatever that means in cat language). My next door neighbours and I note Biscuit will often go between our two apartments via the balcony. Last night, Biscuit BEGGED me to come in (due to the cold/wet weather). Several hours later, Biscuit BEGGED to go out, until he noted how shit the weather still was. Three or four more times during the night, he woke me up. “Let me out!!!” followed by “No, the weather is still shit”. Tonight – it’s gonna be the turn of Alexis and Terry next door!!

September 20 : Fifty years after being declared the “Rainbow Region”, my home town of Lismore has a rainbow crossing, in support of diversity and inclusion. My niece sent me through this video of today’s Climate Change Strike, as the kids crossed the rainbow crossing. You’ve come a long way, Lismore.
September 20: In the area where I work, we have an interesting/odd geographic grouping of Regional & Local Management, ABC Kids, and Four Corners. This is the most perfect union of all these departments, right? We all want one of these, right? ABC funding sorted!
September 21: It’s been a while since I last attended but there was good news tonight at the Crown Hotel, Surry Hills. Maybe not so good for cattle, or the planet, but a few weeks of meat consumption for me.
September 22: Totally devastated to discover my crush as a 15 year old on the lead singer of the Skatt Bros was misfounded. No one from the band actually appeared in the video clip.…
September 22: I went to a screening today of the documentary film, “Eternity”, about Arthur Stace, the man who wrote “Eternity” on the footpaths of Sydney for 40 years. The film is 25 years old, and has been freshly restored. The film features my friend Colin Anderson, who sang the “Eternity Song” at a Sydney University review in the 1960s. Lovely to see him on the big screen again. Highly recommended. There’s another screening next Sunday at Dendy, Circular Quay.

September 25 : Wednesday’s Off: I have accumulated “too much annual leave”, so I’m currently taking Wednesday’s off. OMG! Swimming. Shopping. Art Galleries. Make a nice lunch, have a glass of wine with it. Try it, if you can.

September 28: You know how every older person these days says, “I’m so glad Facebook wasn’t around when I was young”. Well, if it was, this is what my feed might look like. My friend Glen has been scanning some older photographs from our days together in Wagga Wagga, which I absolutely love. Aside from the one with lipstick on my cheek, they’re not “too embarrassing”.

September 29: Listening to the Republican/Monarchy debate at Speaker’s Corner in Sydney.

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