Saturday Strolls

At about 10.30 this morning the phone rang. The caller was from the newsagency where Jack goes to put on his weekly lotto entry. She explained Jackhad dropped his player’s card on the ground, and that someone had picked it up and handed it in at the counter.

As tempting as it was to tell Jack the newsagency had called and they had a cheque for a million dollars waiting for him, I decided not to.

Instead, I went over town, picked up the card, and brought it home. While there I also put an entry on. As I write this, I might be a millionaire, myself. Who knows?

It was really the only reason I had for leaving the house today. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I could have just stayed at home reading, listening to music or watching television.

But instead, I ended up doing a fair bit of walking today. I haven’t checked my phone to see how far I walked, but it was extensive.

Walking and exploring Lismore, taking in the detail of some of my hometown, which I might otherwise not notice (or know about).

For example, I discovered there’s a renewed push for traffic lights in Lismore. Oddly enough, for a city of around 50,000 people, we don’t have any traffic lights, only roundabouts.

I think it was 1979 when Lismore got its first set of traffic lights. They were removed after a number of years, replaced with a roundabout. Now we’re sick of roundabouts and traffic lights are back on the agenda.
I spotted these great calico bags in a shop window. I resolved to visit the shop when it’s open and pick one up. It will be a nice addition to my shopping bags when I return to Sydney.
I took a closer look at the architecure of some of Lismore’s pubs.
I spotted Dolly Parton in a shop window. (She’s bankrolling a reading initiative in NSW).
I took a closer look at the pie cart. Though previously I’ve concentrated more on the meat pies, it was interesting to take a closer look at the machinery.

And I shot a short video walking through one of Lismore’s laneways, taking a closer look at some of the public art. Though I’ve previosly blogged here about the laneway art, this video gives you a different view of things.

A walk through a Lismore laneway, looking at some public art.
The day ended with a walk down by the river.

There will be more river shots tomorrow, as I’m going for a boat ride along the river. A relative of mine has a boat (keen fisherman). He likes the photographs I take, and has offered me a mid-late afternoon boat ride.

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  1. Wow, that’s a beaut shot of the river James. I like it a lot. You captured the light and reflection in the water. Also enjoyed the laneway art tour. Thank you.

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