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  • Out & About

    Out & About

    The view from Sydney’s “Ensemble Theatre” is one of Sydney’s hidden delights, both from the restaurant below, and the bar upstairs. Even though the theatre has been there for over sixty years, I’m guessing most Sydney-siders have never visited “The Ensemble”.

    View from the bar at Sydney's Ensemble Theatre
    View from the bar at Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre

    “There is , however, a large, loyal subscriber base”, I told the guy I got chatting to, as we waited for this afternoons late afternoon sold out matinee of “The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race“.… Read the rest “Out & About”

  • Mothers and Sons

    Mothers and Sons

    My initial attraction to “Mothers and Sons” was Tim Draxl. I’ve followed his career since the 90s, and fondly remember interviewing him as a nineteen or twenty year old singer “on the way up”. Since then, I’ve seen him perform a number of times, and I’ve seen him in a number of movies.… Read the rest “Mothers and Sons”

  • Wonderful Day

    Wonderful Day

    There’s a young actor called Belinda Jombwe who is in the play, “My Wonderful Day” currently at The Ensemble Theatre in Sydney who is terrific. Although she is probably in her early 20s, she plays the role of a nine year old who has taken the day off school which she intends to spend with her mother who cleans houses.… Read the rest “Wonderful Day”

  • Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica

    Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica

    As we arrived in the theatre foyer tonight, I noticed a small poster on the wall for Felicity Urquhart. Felicity is an Australian country music singer who I work with. So in addition to the slight buzz of seeing her poster on the wall, there was also a slight sense of confusion.… Read the rest “Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica”