Wonderful Day

There’s a young actor called Belinda Jombwe who is in the play, “My Wonderful Day” currently at The Ensemble Theatre in Sydney who is terrific. Although she is probably in her early 20s, she plays the role of a nine year old who has taken the day off school which she intends to spend with her mother who cleans houses. Her mother is also very, very pregnant, and during the day is taken off to hospital when the baby comes early. The young girl is left in the house and gets to observe the rather dysfunctional activities of the adults around her.

As it’s Tuesday, she continues her habit of only speaking in French, which is an idea between she and her mother, since they’ll soon be visiting their extended family who live in Martinique. That she only speaks in French (for much of the play) leads to some consternation amongst the adults, but also to some honesty as they reveal personal feelings to her, where they may not otherwise do. Throughout the day the character played by Belinda Jombwe quietly observes the goings on, and takes down notes for a school essay.

At times the play dragged – an assessment my friend Andrew who came with me agreed – and there were moments of “farce” which I personally couldn’t relate to, but which the audience laughed at. But the play comes to a reasonably satisfying end and for that reason, I think I enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best play I’ve ever seen at The Ensemble, but it wasn’t the worst either.

The best thing about the play is undoubtedly Belinda Jombwe. She’s a young actor who you just know is gonna be a star.

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