Brussel Sprouts at Fratelli Fresh

“We can fit you in, but you’ll need to wait about an hour. Can I take your mobile number?” I over-heard the waiter say to the woman standing in front of me. It’s the expression you hear an awful lot in Sydney, these days, as so many restaurants have abandoned the booking system. Thankfully, since there were just two of us, they were able to accommodate us fairly easily. “My friend will be here shortly”, I re-assured the waiter.… Read the rest “Brussel Sprouts at Fratelli Fresh”

Night Out in Surry Hills

“Shall we have another glass of wine?”, said one of my friends, to which they other replied, “Did you say ‘bottle’?”

Look, in the grand scheme of things, when you have three people all having a glass of wine it makes economic sense to buy a bottle instead, right?

It’s a bottle of wine I personally argued against, and which I declared “loud and proud”, I’ll only be having a small amount. And besides, we had already had a glass or two before hand.… Read the rest “Night Out in Surry Hills”

Sunday Night

You’re never short of take-away food in Surry Hills, both in terms of availability and variety. One of my favourite take-away options is getting a mixed plate from Zeno’s, a reasonably popular pizza and felafel place opposite the park near The Clock Hotel on Crown Street.

As I understand it, the husband and wife team who run it have been there almost thirty years. By my guess, they’re both in their 60s. Tonight he was sitting out the front watching the world go buy (and wearing, incidentally an identical shirt to one which I own), while she was inside looking after just a handful of customers (she wears a head-scarf and has a friendly smile in her eyes).… Read the rest “Sunday Night”