Night Out in Surry Hills

Dinner at Cafe Sicilia
Dinner at Cafe Sicilia

“Shall we have another glass of wine?”, said one of my friends, to which they other replied, “Did you say ‘bottle’?”

Look, in the grand scheme of things, when you have three people all having a glass of wine it makes economic sense to buy a bottle instead, right?

It’s a bottle of wine I personally argued against, and which I declared “loud and proud”, I’ll only be having a small amount. And besides, we had already had a glass or two before hand. It was a night out with “the girls” that began at a small bar and ended at a bigger one.

We started off the night at the previously named “Solas” in Surry Hills, which neither of my friends could find at first because they’ve re-named it, with a dirty martini which was very tasty. It seems my life-long aversion to olives has been overcome, as now I consume them happily in both food and drinks.

The night progressed across the road to “Cafe Sicilia” which I’ve described here previously as having great food and attentive, attractive waiters. We enjoyed the olives there too. The food and service were, once again, very good, and I think it’s a place I’ll keep coming back to.

We finished the night at “The Clock” and that’s where the aforementioned last, debated bottle of wine was consumed. A great night was had by all, but I think we should have avoided that last glass, er bottle of wine we ordered.

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