Sunday Night

Mixed Take-away from Zenos
Mixed Take-away from Zenos

You’re never short of take-away food in Surry Hills, both in terms of availability and variety. One of my favourite take-away options is getting a mixed plate from Zeno’s, a reasonably popular pizza and felafel place opposite the park near The Clock Hotel on Crown Street.

As I understand it, the husband and wife team who run it have been there almost thirty years. By my guess, they’re both in their 60s. Tonight he was sitting out the front watching the world go buy (and wearing, incidentally an identical shirt to one which I own), while she was inside looking after just a handful of customers (she wears a head-scarf and has a friendly smile in her eyes).

In contrast many of the nearby shop-fronts which have been renovated in recent years, the shop front for Zeno’s remains small, and a little old-fashioned. In the midst of the so-called “gentrification” of Surry Hills, I’m pleased they’ve been able to maintain a presence, while many other similar places have disappeared.

On many occasions I’ve called in there with others for late night pizza or felafel after a few drinks. But it’s the Sunday night take-away that I really enjoy. The meal comes with a range of roasted and pickled vegetables, as well as hommos and bread (of course).

Amongst the many customers she has, I’m sure there’s quite a few single men like me. As the woman behind the counter packs as much as she can into the plastic container, I sometimes get the feeling she’s like a mum ensuring her son eats well for the night (hoping that doesn’t sound sexist). Possibly not, but that’s my fantasy anyway.

Aside from getting some takeaway, looking endlessly through the television guide for SOMETHING to a watch, and a visit to see my friend who has been in hospital it’s been a reasonably uneventful day.

There’s good news on the health of my friend, too. Despite what we thought was a near death experience, he’s been doing well in rehabilitation, and is allowed to go home next weekend with support.

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  1. Liam Avatar

    Very glad your friend has gotten good news in his recovery.

    I love the Greek, Italian and Polish proprietresses of restaurants like that: they remind me of my friend’s Italian grandmother, who would always pinch my bony arms and implore “eeeat, eeeat, you so thiiin!”

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