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  • Terrible Turkish Tourist

    Terrible Turkish Tourist

    “You’ve dropped something back there”, I heard a young man say to a young woman (who was in a small group) as she walked from Istanbul’s “Blue Mosque”. “Oh no”, I thought to myself, it’s one of those tourist scams like I observed a few years ago near the Eifel Tower.… Read the rest “Terrible Turkish Tourist”

  • Saying Yes in Istanbul

    Saying Yes in Istanbul

    There was a brief moment today when I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew. As I looked around the street signs there wasn’t a single word I understood. Unlike other places I’ve visited in the last few years, I was beginning to feel I’d failed to do (what I thought) was adequate background research about the history and geography of the place.… Read the rest “Saying Yes in Istanbul”

  • Hello Istanbul

    Hello Istanbul

    “It’s very simple. You take six stops and then you change and you take six more stops, and then you get off, and it’s around the corner”, the bloke at the metro station in Istanbul explained to me. “I’ll help you”, he said very genuinely.

    When I’m travelling, I’m one of those travellers who likes to use the local public transport system of the place I’m visiting.… Read the rest “Hello Istanbul”