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  • At Last, But Still Some Way To Go

    At Last, But Still Some Way To Go

    “It has passed!!”, was the text I received from a colleague late this afternoon. As I was at “Christmas Drinks”, I missed the actual moment when the marriage equality laws passed through the Australian Parliament, but I received a bunch of messages from friends, family and workmates to tell me so.… Read the rest

  • Marriage Equality Rally

    Marriage Equality Rally

    “How’s it going for you at the moment?”, a friend asked me, as we sat under a tree in Victoria Park, and waited for speeches at today’s marriage equality rally. The last time I’d seen her was at the last marriage equality rally I’d attended, about a month ago.… Read the rest

  • Sydney’s Marriage Equality Rally

    Sydney’s Marriage Equality Rally

    It was a beautiful spring day in Sydney: perfect weather for the first Marriage Equality rally since the plebiscite was confirmed. Current estimates: 30,000 people. Here are some photographs.… Read the rest

  • Marriage Equality Rally

    Marriage Equality Rally

    In an echo to one of the rally cries of the early days of the “Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras”, one of the chants at yesterday’s Marriage Equality Rally in Sydney yesterday was “get out of the bars and onto the streets”.… Read the rest

  • Barney Frank

    Barney Frank

    “I was once described to have a very radical gay agenda. I’m in favour of getting married and allowing people to join and stay in the military. I don’t think that’s such a radical agenda.… Read the rest

  • Gay Marriage

    Gay Marriage

    I’ve been thinking all week about Penny Wong’s appearance on Q&A, in which she was asked the question about gay marriage.

    As a member of the ALP Cabinet, she “agrees” with the cabinet position which remains opposed to gay marriage.… Read the rest