Chef, Dan Hong

“I live in Chinatown and so the places me and family eat are generally the Sussex Street Mall, and the Dixon Street Mall”, Dan Hong said, to the surprise of a lot of people attending tonight’s event at the Beresford Hotel. As the son of Angie Hong, a woman who was a pioneering Vietnamese chef in Australia, and as someone who has worked at places like Tetsuya (and now Mr Wong), I was surprised, and I think many others were too.… Read the rest “Chef, Dan Hong”

Night Out in Sydney

It’s always a challenge finding terrific places to eat/drink for visitors to Sydney. You can rely on your local favourites (of course), but then you realise they lack a bit of the “wow” factor. There again, you can fall back on Sydney cliches with harbour views. When Robert and Sandra told me they would be in Sydney (visiting from Stockholm), and were hoping to catch up for a meal, I made a few suggestions. This is what I suggested in an email.… Read the rest “Night Out in Sydney”

Mr Wong

A couple of workmates and I did the “unthinkable” today: we went out for lunch. It’s not uncommon for us to work through lunch, grabbing some takeaway to consume while seated at our desks. But we overcame the “guilt” by associating the trip with a forthcoming work-related event.

And our restaurant of choice was one of the hottest places in town right now: Mr Wong in Bridge Lane. When we arrived (without a reservation) just before Mr Wong opened at noon, we were told our party of three couldn’t be seated until 3pm, unless we were happy to sit at the bar.… Read the rest “Mr Wong”