Mr Wong

A couple of workmates and I did the “unthinkable” today: we went out for lunch. It’s not uncommon for us to work through lunch, grabbing some takeaway to consume while seated at our desks. But we overcame the “guilt” by associating the trip with a forthcoming work-related event.

And our restaurant of choice was one of the hottest places in town right now: Mr Wong in Bridge Lane. When we arrived (without a reservation) just before Mr Wong opened at noon, we were told our party of three couldn’t be seated until 3pm, unless we were happy to sit at the bar. Too easy. Within twenty minutes, the place was packed: a combination of retirees and office workers.

We ordered a range of smallish meals to share, including some prawn dumplings, some dim sim, and some buns. All were really good, though you could argue you might find better elsewhere in Chinatown. That said, it’s a really good space, the service was excellent, and it was a really great experience. The smallish meals were all in the range of $8-10, with the main meals priced between about $25 and $35.

We’ll definitely go back. My colleagues and I have also resolved to go out for lunch monthly, and have actually added this to Outlook, so it’s definitely gonna happen more often.

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