Bei Jing Dumpling

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the bus-stop near the corner of Cleveland and Crown Streets (Surry Hills) and a Chinese guy came up to me, asking for directions. He showed me a piece of paper with the address “432 Cleveland Street” written on it. As I don’t speak Chinese and his English was limited, it was a case of “look, point and direct”. Not all the houses/buildings in this area are numbered, so it took a moment or two to identify 432 as a small local restaurant called “Bei Jing Dumpling”.… Read the rest “Bei Jing Dumpling”

Mr Wong

A couple of workmates and I did the “unthinkable” today: we went out for lunch. It’s not uncommon for us to work through lunch, grabbing some takeaway to consume while seated at our desks. But we overcame the “guilt” by associating the trip with a forthcoming work-related event.

And our restaurant of choice was one of the hottest places in town right now: Mr Wong in Bridge Lane. When we arrived (without a reservation) just before Mr Wong opened at noon, we were told our party of three couldn’t be seated until 3pm, unless we were happy to sit at the bar.… Read the rest “Mr Wong”

Food Photos – Red Chilli

“Where do you feel like eating? Is Red Chilli okay?” my friend Kate asked me via text yesterday.

Of course, Red Chilli was okay. It’s one of our favourite places to eat in Sydney. We’ve eaten at the Chinatown venue on many occasions, and last week we dined at their venue on Glebe Point Road. We both love the food they offer, as it’s tasty, it’s well-priced, and we’ve never left feeling hungry.

Although we have some favourites, especially the chicken chilli dish, tonight we expanded our repertoire somewhat by having some dumplings as an entry and a smoked ham dish.… Read the rest “Food Photos – Red Chilli”

Chinese Tripe

I have only vague memories of eating tripe as a child. Typically, it’s the food people of my age and background describe as the food “my parents made me eat”. I don’t have any such negative memories. I was always a bit of a “garbage guts” who would eat everything that was on offer. Liver? Yes. Kidney? Yes. Peas? Yes. Brains? Yes. Tripe? Sure, why not.

The house in which I grew up was a house where everyone was considerably older than me.… Read the rest “Chinese Tripe”