Out On The Ice

"I've been wanting to do this for ages, and have been looking for the right moment", Sue told me when the prospect of walking on an iced-over lake became a reality. The reality for us - that we wouldn't plunge through the ice to a frozen death - came when we saw a group of [...]

My Last Day in Stockholm

The view of Stockholm from Katarinahissen

After yesterday's shitty weather, my final day in Stockholm was one of those classically-beautiful Swedish summer days. The morning started with packing and check-out, and a lovely compliment from one of the staff at Sky Apartments that my Swedish was very good. Although I'm sure she was flattering me to an extent, I accepted the [...]


It was a normal enough Tuesday. Busy, of course, culminating in Swedish class. It was our final Swedish class of this "season", with a recommencement in two weeks. Thus, we had a few things to eat and drink, including some Swedish meatballs. Yummo! As part of my homework for Swedish class this week, we were [...]

Nyheter från Sverige

A type of cola especially for easter

Although the newspaper predicts a warm weekend - relatively speaking - it was a cold day today. It was a day to stay indoors reading, listening to music, and occasionally look out the window. If I was 22 years old I would have spent the day working on a small volume of melancholic poetry about [...]


Today I ate some wild berries. I have no idea if they're poisonous or not, but they didn't have much taste, so I think I'm okay. But if I die, I'll die a happy man because I've had the most wonderful day. I'm spending a few nights at Saltsjöbaden, a seaside town on the Baltic, [...]


Fade to grey

As if the weather today wasn't depressing enough, when I walked into Torget in Gamla Stan for a late afternoon glass of wine, they were playing Billie Holiday. I was just about ready to jump off Västerbron. Despite the weather - the technical term was "shitty" - I had a reasonably lovely day. I had [...]