Stockholm Pride Parade

There was a brief moment earlier today when the bloke standing next to me and I looked at each other in momentary disbelief. A second later, and we didn’t need to exchange any words, because we both knew we both just seen a man go past us on roller skates wearing nothing but a rainbow flag. And yes, you guessed it, at the very moment he went past us, the wind whipped up the flag to reveal more than I’ve seen in quite a while.… Read the rest “Stockholm Pride Parade”

Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride

The first time I saw Måns Zelmerlöw perform live was at Stockholm Pride in 2008. At the time, I think he really only had one hit song, “Cara Mia”.

Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride 2008
Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride 2008

Eight years later, he was back at Stockholm Pride, and performed that song again. Last night he also sang another previous hit, (and Eurovision/Melodifestivalen entry) “Hope And Glory” as well as “Heroes”, the song which won him this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.… Read the rest “Måns Zelmerlöw at Stockholm Pride”

Stockholm Pride – Chinese Queer Film

Sadly, my “Swedish” is not sophisticated enough to understand the complexities of some of the discussions you might encounter at an event like Stockholm Pride. While it won’t be too much of an issue at events like the Schlagerkväll (the pop music night), I’m still very interested in going to talks and events, especially since Stockholm Pride usually has a very “global” outlook. I remember a few years ago there was a talk given about LGBTQI rights in Australia, for example.… Read the rest “Stockholm Pride – Chinese Queer Film”

Catch Up

The last few weeks have been “crazy busy” which is why I haven’t posted here much lately. However, it’s Thursday night, I’m sitting at home with a glass or two of wine, listening to the radio, and I’m determined to achieve some catch-up posts.

When I say “crazy busy”, it’s mostly been work-related. There’s been a bit of socialising, but mostly it’s been work. You know that axiom that “if you want something done you give it to a busy person”?… Read the rest “Catch Up”