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  • Wilson’s Creek at Boatharbour

    Wilson’s Creek at Boatharbour

    About seven or eight kilometres from Lismore (on the road from Bangalow) there is an area called Boatharbour. As the name implies, it was an important location during the early days of the European river settlement.

    As a child, I remember it as the location of a wonderful recreation area. With permanent wooden furniture and shelter, and roads where you could drive easily drive in and out, I remember it fondly as a place for summer picnics and river swimming.… Read the rest “Wilson’s Creek at Boatharbour”

  • Garbage Bin Art

    Garbage Bin Art

    While most garbage bins are dominated by advertising or messages from the local council, there’s a handful of garbage bins in Lismore featuring the work of local artists.

    I noticed them only today, having walked through the Back Alley Gallery which I’ve previously blogged about.

    There was an article in a recent edition of the local paper which explains more about the works.… Read the rest “Garbage Bin Art”

  • Growing Expectation

    Growing Expectation

    There’s a growing expectation this weekend may see the end of the hard lockdown here in Northern NSW. Or maybe not?

    Aside from the case the other week involving the family from Sydney, and the occasional trace in sewage, we’ve (so far) managed to avoid the worse of the current COVID outbreak.… Read the rest “Growing Expectation”

  • Lismore Walk

    Lismore Walk

    “Have you ever done this walk before?”, I asked a family member when she said, “I’d like to come on one of your walks with you”. She replied that she hadn’t, nor did she know there was a Botanic Gardens in Lismore. This is despite the fact she was born and bred, and has lived here all my life.… Read the rest “Lismore Walk”

  • Back Alley Gallery

    Back Alley Gallery

    There is a beautiful piece of public art in Lismore which I adore. The work features a young Indigenous boy, with a broad smile, and a curious look in his eyes.

    It’s part of the Back Alley Gallery which, as the name implies, features public art in the back laneways of the city.… Read the rest “Back Alley Gallery”

  • The Duck Pond

    The Duck Pond

    “Is there much water in the Duck Pond yet?” was one of the questions mostly commonly asked in our house when a flood was imminent.

    I was born in Kyogle Street, not far from The Duck Pond, and spent the remainder of my youth only a little further way.

    Though it’s not actually connected to Leycester Creek (one of the waterways that flows through Lismore), the pond would always fill up as we prepared for a flood, and the water would eventually flow on to other parts of South Lismore.… Read the rest “The Duck Pond”

  • Visiting Byron

    Visiting Byron

    “I didn’t know there was a caravan park in Byron”, one of the nearby passengers on the bus yelled out. To be honest, I was thinking the same, as all you read about in the papers these days is million dollar homes and celebrities. “No, it’s a RESORT”, the bus driver replied to the amusement of the passengers.… Read the rest “Visiting Byron”

  • Wagga Wagga : Then and Now

    Wagga Wagga : Then and Now

    “Do you think I could live in Wagga?”, a friend asked me via text a few months ago. Enthusiastically, I told her yes. I have many fond memories of my time living in Wagga in the early 1990s. Although she’s lived in the city – Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney – for most of the last thirty years, she grew up in the country, and I was fairly confident she could make the transition.… Read the rest “Wagga Wagga : Then and Now”

  • Sydney to Canberra

    Sydney to Canberra

    Much of the day was spent in transit. By the time you get to the airport and relax, and then take a flight, and recover at the other end (checking into the hotel), it takes up the best part of the day, even if the flight is only short.

    Many years ago, while working in Canberra, I took a weekend flight to Sydney.… Read the rest “Sydney to Canberra”