Life Right Now

Though I’m not exactly sure what they are, the back laneway is full of these at the moment. Are they gumnuts? There’s lots of them, and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. Should I pick one up and taste it? They look like they might make the basis for a tasty jam.

Autumn in Sydney

Either way, they’re a sign that autumn has arrived in Sydney. A couple of times in the last week, there has been a definite chill in the air.… Read the rest “Life Right Now”

White Rabbit Gallery

I was half expecting to see a new exhibition at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery when Sue and I popped in there today. Instead, it was the same exhibition I saw a couple of months ago, which I thought was okay, but didn’t really love with the same amount of passion I’ve felt for previous exhibitions at my favourite Sydney art gallery.

As we arrived, a guided tour had just commenced, and so with a mutual smile we agreed to join it.… Read the rest “White Rabbit Gallery”

The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

I really love the notes which accompany the video work, “Billenium Waves”, by the artist, Tang Nannan, “Waves are the mountains of the sea” he says “and mountains are the waves of the land. They just rise and fall at different rates”. How cool is that? It’s one of three favourite works of mine in the current exhibition, “The Dark Matters” at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery. Images of the other two works I really like also appear below.… Read the rest “The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery”

Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery.

Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it on a 2001 trip to Beijing.

Judith and her husband are seriously wealthy and made a wonderful gift to Sydney of an amazing collection. Always free to the public, and almost always amazing.

I say almost, because, to be honest, the latest exhibition, “Vile Bodies” doesn’t really do it for me.… Read the rest “Vile Bodies at White Rabbit”

Saturday Surprise

I had no real plans for the day, aside from a bit of house-cleaning, reading and some catch-up TV. It’s been a busy week at work, and I have another busy one ahead of me. On top of that, there’s the possibility of the Federal Election being called tomorrow which will involve some time in at work also. So my big plan for day was to do nothing much at all.

But then half way through the morning, I got a text message from my friend Kate.… Read the rest “Saturday Surprise”