Life Right Now

Though I’m not exactly sure what they are, the back laneway is full of these at the moment. Are they gumnuts? There’s lots of them, and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. Should I pick one up and taste it? They look like they might make the basis for a

White Rabbit Gallery

I was half expecting to see a new exhibition at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery when Sue and I popped in there today. Instead, it was the same exhibition I saw a couple of months ago, which I thought was okay, but didn’t really love with the same amount of

Billennium Waves by Tang Nannan

The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

I really love the notes which accompany the video work, “Billenium Waves”, by the artist, Tang Nannan, “Waves are the mountains of the sea” he says “and mountains are the waves of the land. They just rise and fall at different rates”. How cool is that? It’s one of