Still Walkin

Yvette rang this morning – woke me up – and suggested I walk down through Kings Cross via Woolloomoolloo. What a great suggestion, but unfortunately the walk turned into something bigger than Ben Hurr and also pretty upsetting. As I wandered down Crown Street, I became aware of just how many people sleep outside at night. And walking up to William Street, I became aware of just how many women are still “working the street” at 6.30am, although I couldn’t decide if they were up to get the “pre-work” trade or still out from the night before. Anyway, Kings Cross is a much different place in the early hours of the morning than it is later at night, although I did see quite a few people still in hotels.

After Kings Cross I wandered over to Woolloomoolloo Bay, through the Royal Botanic Gardens and finally to Circular Quay. Despite some of the more sobering aspects of Sydney life in the early hours of the morning, it really is a rather beautiful way to spend the first hour or so of the day. This morning, however, it turned into a two hour walk as I dawdled, sat, relaxed, and had a coffee. Anyway, I feel good and a couple of people at work have commented that I’m losing weight.

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