Visiting Griffith

Last night, I slept!

It’s Monday morning and I’m still on holiday. I’m half-watching Bert Newton on television, ahead of a few social engagements including a preview of the new documentary, “Spellbound” which is about to commence screenings in Sydney.

NSW Palliative Care Conference
NSW Palliative Care Conference
NSW Palliative Care Conference

I’m feeling quite good about life at the moment, having just had a few terrific days in Griffith in Southern NSW. I was invited to perform the MC role at the NSW Palliative Care Conference which involved two days of solid work and then some time off to enjoy food and wine. I asked Damien if he’d like to join me which he did and we had a terrific time.

After doing a few things at home – and town – on Thursday morning, including buying a few ties, socks and a new belt, I flew down on Thursday afternoon, with Damien following on the evening flight. The first point of call was the Griffith Regional Theatre where I met the conference organisers and then I was taken to our accommodation, the Mindon Serviced Apartments.

A few hours later, it was drinks at the West End Winery where I recognised some other people from the Mindon Apartments. They introduced us to another couple who were also staying at Mindon. Talk about instant connection, and we spent quite a bit of time together over the next few days.

Although I had some feelings of trepidtation about the conference – it’s the first time I’ve done something as extensive as this – I think things went pretty well, and I was thanked profusely for my efforts over the two or three days.

NSW Palliative Care Conference Dinner
The Conference dinner was held at the Gemini Hotel which was fine, and which included a reasonable band which played a couple of ABBA songs. We all had a dance which was videotaped and shown at the conference on Saturday.

Damien and I also went out for dinner at the Michelin Restaurant, which is Griffith’s finest dining experience. Terrific stuff. Excellent food.

On the Sunday, we toured the region, visiting De Bortoli Winery for a Sunday brunch, Whitton (not much there), Leeton (had a good time chatting with the owner of the Leeton Hotel), and finally having a swim at Narrandera.

Overall it was a magnificent weekend and both Damien and I had a great time. Here’s to many more…

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