Buddha’s Birthday

It’s Sunday morning and I’m at home surfing the net and listening to our Sunday Morning program.

After arriving back from Melbourne, the last week has been reasonably full on with work. I feel like I’m achieving a lot at the moment, which is a good feeling to have. A couple of resignations of troublesome people have occured, and I feel like I’m in control of some of the longer-term things I want to do with the radio station.

I’ve also been chatting online this week with my French pen-pal, David, who is actually coming to Australia soon. Probably the funniest conversation we had was about an obscure French singer called Dalida who had an amazing life story. The conversation went like this.

James says: what’s so interesting about the story
David says: the contrast between a glorious career and the tragedy of her private life i guess
James says: sounds like my life story!
David says: call me back when the 3 men you loved the most have committed suicide
James says: terrible!
David says: she was never responsible for the deaths really
James says: one death is unfortunate, two is careless, three is suspicious!
David says: the first one put a bullet in his head cause his song didnt win at San Remo festival. they had a secret affair going on and she found him in the hotel room with a note blaming his deat on the tasteless jury
James says: apologies for my sense of humour… but that’s quite funny actually
David says: i guess it is somehow. but put yourself in her shoes that was not funny
James says: were the other deaths as amusing?
David says: not really her ex husband killed himself with a bullet too I think in his apartment in Paris
James says: and the third?
David says: the third was calling himself The Count of St Germain and pretended he had been living hundreds of years and could turn the metal in gold. and yes I’m serious
James says: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaa

On another front, we’ve also finalised the program for the School Reunion, which includes a careers day at the school, welcome drinks at The Left Bank, a memorabilia display at the school, a dinner, and a family picnic.

Socially it’s been a little quiet, although I am heading out to Fruits In Suits this week.

Last night, however, we had the worl Social Club Party, which consisted of freshly made pizzas in the carpark. It was actually more interesting than it sounds. After that, we ended up at Fenians Irish Pub where a few of us had a dance or two. While the gang continued on late into the night, I wandered home to watch the Danish Royal Wedding.

Now that’s a Royal Wedding.

As much as I hate the concept of Royal Families, I have enjoyed the wedding of Mary Donaldson (Australian) and Crown Prince Federick (Danish) for three reasons.

1. They seem like they’re really in love. Fred was almost in tears when Mary walked down the aisle.

2. Mary is a real commoner, not a pretend commonner. Her family house reveals she comes from an ordinary family. It’s a bit “Muriel-like”.

3. The Danish royal family seem quite nice. They appear to be nice people. There doesn’t seem to br a sense of “marrying for the wrong reason”. I thought it was terrific when the Queen kissed Fred on the cheek… can’t imagine QEII doing that.

So.. congrats to Mary and Fred… I wish them every happiness

And tonight, it’s Eurovision.

I still haven’t really made “friends” in Perth, but that’s probably more me and how I make friendship than Perth itself. Nine months is nowhere near enough time to make the friendships that I truly value. Acquaintances yes, but friends no. So I’m relatively happy here, but probably not personally as happy as I would be in Sydney. The street noise also annoys me, with the constant traffic heading up and down Wellington Street, although it does help me to wake up in the morning! But professionally, I’m over the moon… and I like the weather too (much nicer than Melbourne).

Today, I’m heading off to the Vegetarian Fair in the Supreme Court Gardens, celebrating Buddha’s Birthday.

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