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It’s Thursday morning and I’m at home in Sydney just waiting for the Foxtel man to come to install my receiver. Although I’ve thought about having pay television installed for a number of years, it wasn’t until my building was wired a few months ago that I’ve actually had the choice. So anyway, I’ve signed up for two years. So, as I wait for the man to arrive – sometime between 7am and midday – I thought I’d take the time to update this diary.

My final weekend in Perth was terrific. Although I didn’t do all that much on Saturday, Sunday was reasonably busy. I caught up with Bernadette and Monty from work for a drink or three at the Norfolk Hotel in Fremantle. It’s a great local pub and the ideal place to be on a warm summer’s day in Perth. Later on Sunday night, we went to the official opening of the Open Air Cinema at the University of Western Australia which was good, on so many levels, since it allowed me a further opportunity to farewell some people from work.

My time at work on Monday was only brief before Di gave me a lift to the airport. The flight was memorable, since I sat next to a woman called Rhonda who worked in cosmetics who loved a chat! We spoke about politics, religion, sex, and many other taboo topics. On arriving back in Sydney, I was both excited and a little disoriented, although when Damien and I had a drink at The Trinity, I knew I was home.

Mind you, my sleep pattern since arriving home has been pretty terrible. I think I’m jetlagged due to the three hour time zone readjustment I’ve had to make up. On my first night I couldn’t get to sleep until nearly three or four in the morning. To help me sleep, I decided to walk down to my local, reliable twenty-four hour service station for some milk and I discovered at least one thing has changed since I’ve been away. There was a sign on the door which said that, due to security reasons, the door would not be opened after midngiht and that I would have to order what I wanted through a hole in the window. Bizarre, eh? An over-reaction surely to a recent crime incident or perhaps an indication that Sydney has become a slightly tougher place in the time since I’ve been away.

The last two days have been reasonably with a work conference. As a thank you for my time in Perth I received three wonderful gifts – all carefully chosen – as well as thanks and good luck. The gifts were gorgeous: a new ABBA DVD that I didn’t have yet, a Swiss Cellular Treatment for men at Salon la Prairie and a signed cricket bat from Adam Gilchrist wishing me all the best for the future. The bat, in particular, resonated, since he was also someone from Lismore who went to Perth in the pursuit of his career. All chosen from the heart… am very touched.

I’ve had a terrific time working with some great people in Perth. In some ways, it still feels like I’ll be flying back next week. I’m sure that some time next week, it will become a little more real.

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