It’s Monday night and I’ve just arrived home from a brief visit to the supermarket. Oddly enough, one of the busiest times at Coles Redfern is six o’clock on a Monday night. I guess it’s all those people who don’t have the time nor the inclination to shop on the weekend who go to work on Monday and suddenly realise the fridge is empty. So to avoid the queue, I went at 9.30 tonight and picked up just a few of life’s essentials: grapes, fetta, toilet paper and mosquito coils.

Mosquito coils? Yes, for some reason or other, mozzies have been bad lately and I’ve been burning mosquito coils. Thus, the house is beginning to smell a little like mosquito coils. Still, I’m not the only one, as I noticed another nearby blogger has noticed the mosquito plague as well.

Anyway, Since the last time I wrote, I’ve been out and about quite a bit, having attended two movies and two thirtieth birthday parties.

The first movie I saw was on Thursday, as part of the Hopscotch Film launch for 2005, in which they previewed their movies for this year. I thought A Good Woman, is a good movie and one that I’d heartily recommend.

Friday was a really long day for me, as I started work at 6.00am and never left the place until after 6.00pm. I made up for it by coming in a bit later – 9.30am – this morning. After work, I wandered off to The Abercrombie, a hotel on Broadway in Sydney which had a terrific beer garden. I was there for the thirtieth birthday of Robyn, a friend from work. It was a great venue and the crowd was really friendly. But just as I was settling in I had to wander off, as I’d agreed to meet Damien that night for a movie.

We met at the Three Weeds on Oxford Street, Paddington. Actually, Yvette was also there playing pool which was great, since I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks so we chatted for a while before heading off to the film.

As I was pretty tired and I’d had a few drinks before going to see Sideways, I think my view of the film may be influenced by the combination of fatigue and alcohol. But isn’t that what this film is all about: two middle aged blokes who drink too much and who are a little bit tired of life?

A haircut, some shopping, some music and television was how I spent Saturday, before heading off to the Rose Of Australia for Damien’s thirtieth birthday. It’s hard to imagine he was twenty three when we met, but yes, that is the case. It was a reasonably big evening and lots of fun. Who would have thought a twenty-four hour hotel we visited could actually close?

I don’t have much planned for the week, although things pick up again next week when I head off to Tasmania for a few days. I also have a fiftieth birthday to attend in a couple of weeks.

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