Loads of travel

It’s lunchtime Sunday and I’m feeling a bit hungry. Yes I know I should eat, but I have lots to say about what was a reasonably interesting and busy week in my life.

I spent the week travelling to Adelaide and Perth for work reasons, although of course there was a persona element to the Perth trip as well.

There’s not a lot to report about the trip to Adelaide, aside from the fact that I nearly froze to death and briefly watched the bingo competition at one of the local pubs, the Edinburgh Castle.

In fact, I’d say the most interesting thing, other than work, about the trip was the flight between there and Perth when I read a book by John Shelby Spong called Sins Of Scripture. The essential argument of the book is that throughout history various bible texts have been used selectively to condemn homosexuality, keep women “in their place”, deliver war and encourage environmental unsustainability, amongst many other things. Yes, while the rest of the plane was reading the Da Vinci Code, I was reading another book which seeks to provide an alternative reading of the Christian story… although, of course, a lot of Christians would argue both are works of fiction.

Going back to Perth after such a long break was really terrific. It was great to catch up with all of the people I’ve worked with and in some ways to achieve some “closure” about my time there. In the back of my mind over the last few months there has been a slight doubt that maybe I should have gone for the job there on a permanent basis. But going there has clarified in my mind that Sydney is the place for me, both personally and professionally.

My only regret, two days later, is that I met a really nice bloke there on Friday night who I wish I’d met twelve months earlier. An ABBA fan, of course, a similar age, and with other common interests, we got on like a house on fire. One of life’s many ironies.

On the trip back I read Graeme Blundell’s biography of Graham Kennedy for a long time. Although there are some personal reminiscences from the likes of Noelene Brown this is very much a “public account” of Graham Kennedy’s life. And for that reason I found it a little disappointing. I wasn’t looking for a “Kitty Kelley” tell all book about his personal relationships, but I guess I was looking for a more explicit book about Graham Kennedy the person.

And then last night, Damien and I went to the closing night film of the Sydney Film Festival, called Howl’s Castle, a Japanese animation film which I enjoyed immensely. Although the film has been released in America with voices dubbed by the likes of Christian Bale and Lauren Bacall, we watched the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. Odd, eh?

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