Quick Catchup

The thing about life is the more you do the less time you have to write about it. I’ll write properly, and more regularly, in the next few days and especially when I go on holiday next week, but in the meantime, here’s a summary of what I’ve been up out and what I’m planning out of work hours…

Friday Night – caught up with some people from work for a few drinks.

Saturday – worked in the morning, caught up with Graeme, Grant, Judy and Greg in the afternoon, followed by dinner at Glen and Greig’s place on Saturday night (really interesting, loads of fun).

Sunday – nothing, really. A little bit of sad family news, though I’m not sure if I can/want to write about it.

Monday – went to “Is Our Sexuality Sacred Too?” at the Taxi Club, featuring Julie McCrossin and MCC Pastor, Karl Hand.

Tuesday – went to the launch of the “National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries”, followed by dinner at the Sofitel Wentworth.

Wednesday – television and house cleaning

Thursday – dinner with Christian (in Sydney at the moment)

Friday – Dianne Reeves and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Saturday – no plans

Sunday – Spanish Festival with John

Monday – holiday with Sue

Friday – opening night of Eurobeat, the musical based on the Eurovision Song Contest.

So yeah, reasonably busy at the moment. Lots of distractions.

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