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I received a group email from my friend Lucinda today, telling me she’d put a couple of her videos on Youtube. We’ve known each other for about 18 years now (oh my goodness), having first met living in Bourke in Western NSW. In this photograph taken at the “Back To Bourke” ball we both look practically pubescent. We shared a house there for a while before she moved back to Sydney. In the meantime, she’s lived in many places, ranging from Wagga Wagga to Cuba.

As we’ve both travelled a lot in the last eighteen years, we keep in touch on a fairly ad hoc basis, and I guess the last time I saw her would have been two years ago. At the time she was living on the Gold Coast with her daughter, Jet.

With a daughter of her own, I guess she now has a really appreciative audience for her story-telling. Lucinda, if you’re reading this, do you remember “The Faxable Cat”? She’s also been strongly interested in music and I’ve heard her write and sing everything from jazz and evergreens to “singer-songwriter” ballads and some more “experimental stuff”.

In the group email she sent out she writes Hello one and all, I have put up a couple of little videos on Youtube.. one is an animation and one is a music video… Roo Trek and Ombeat.. I have also put up a song on triplejunearthed.. The Language of Haggard Souls under Lucinda Marty Hugs to all and hope you are well.. some comments on the websites would be nice!

I really like Ombeat, but if it’s all a bit “Too North Coast” for you, I’d suggest Roo Trek which is a very cute animation about a kangaroo that goes to the moon. Both are “worksafe”. :)

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