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Gustav and GraemeIt’s Monday night and I can’t find the remote control. I’m sure it’s in the house somewhere. I’ve checked the book-case. I’ve checked the bathroom. I’ve checked my bedroom. I’ve even checked the fridge. I know it’s here somewhere, but at the moment I can’t find it. Were it not for the fact that I can’t find the remote control, I would have swapped stations earlier and would not still be watching the Academy Awards. Still it’s been nice to “veg out” for a couple of hours watching some wall-paper television, as the last few days have been extremely busy. I’ve seen a play, a cabaret show, a movie, and also managed to fit in a couple of drinks last night with Gustav (currently visiting Australia from Sweden) and Graeme.

On Saturday night, Colin and I went to see a play “We’ll Always Have Wagga” at the Newtown Theatre. Inspired to enjoy a little nostalgia on the play’s basic premise that everyone has a connection with Wagga Wagga, we made our way in the much welcome rain on Saturday night. I don’t mean to be harsh, but we really shouldn’t have bothered, as we both thought the play was poorly scripted, poorly directed, and poorly acted. Enough said.

Last night, we also hit the town for something far more pleasant, a late night cabaret show at Statement Bar featuring Hayden Tee. As a performer, Hayden has come a long way since the regular late night spot at The Stables which we used to attend regularly. A little beefier than he used to be, he’s also grown as a performer: more confident, more rounded, more authentic, and with a wonderful voice. But most of all, more authentic, lacking some of the youthful nervousness evident in the days of “Muftee”. Hayden has grown into a really wonderful performer, and last night’s show was a joy to behold.

Tonight, I went to see a preview of “Clubland”, a new Australian film set in Western Sydney. The film stars Brenda Blethyn (the English actress probably best known for her role in Mike Leigh’s “Secrets and Lies”) as a formerly famous stand-up comedian, now working daytime in the canteen at Silverwater Prison, but spending her nights playing the RSL clubs, and dreaming of her “big break”. Although blessed with two wonderful sons, she’s deeply unhappy often hitting the bottle, and she maintains an unhealthy level of control over her son’s lives. The film is really terrific, genuinely warm and sad (and I cried a little towards the end), but also funny, though not in a “belly laugh” kind of way. Honestly, one of the loveliest Australian films I’ve seen in quite some time. It opens in May.

And then of course, I came home tonight to watch the Academy Awards. I mean, they’re basically the same each year, aren’t they? Some lame-arsed comedian delivering lame-arsed jokes and then, when they don’t get a laugh, they’re somehow being ironic. Lots of young actors and actresses I’ve never heard of, belated recognition for actors and directors previously ignored for most of their career, varying degrees of applause for the “death roll” of a bunch of people I’ve never heard of, and the occasional moment of honesty and sincerity, such as Forrest Whitaker’s acceptance speech. Sorry, I should stop, shouldn’t I?

4 thoughts on “Lost The Remote Control

  1. Ugh, well the fact that Gustavo Santaolalla’s score to Babel won (after he won for his equally dire score to Brokeback Mountain last year) is such the problem with the whole awards. It should have been Alexandre Desplat’s score to The Painted Veil (after it won the Golden Globes).

  2. Did you try the oven? I’ve put ice cream in the oven rather than the freezer before. Not a great result if you don’t notice until you turn the oven on to warm up… It’s a shame you can’t phone remote controls like you can mobiles if you lose them!

  3. Ice cream in the oven? Now, that’s just plain stupid!! Heheheh. I found it… it was in the washing basket. Hope all is going well for you Tom.

  4. Oh and on the subject of phoning mobile phones to find them. It embarrasses me that every month there’s at least one call from my home phone to my mobile phone at about 7.30am.

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