Old Floppy Disc

Remember when cameras used floppy discs for storage? I received an email today from Andrea which reminded me… “Discovered an old floppy and decided to have a look at what was on it. I found you…” It’s a series of photographs taken in Inverell several years ago when I visited there for the Tom Roberts Festival. Andrea and I went out to a location where they were re-enacting the famous “Bailed Up” painting. Nice memories. And here’s another one.

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  1. I had a great time doing the two OBs at that festival James – you flying up by yourself on the Qantas plane; how many hours it took us and the Council’s IT bloke to establish a connection with Sydney; the ‘gala’ opening night party; the way the thunderstorm kept dumping the tie-line connection while you were presenting Drive; and of course, learning that people like us have ‘NO BACKGROUND’. Remarkable what one or two photos will make you remember. xx

  2. I also have very fond memories of those days. As well as “the background comment”, I also remember, “She’s late for the opening, as she’s gone shopping” and “Excuse me, quieten down, it’s taxpayers money up here!”. But most of all, I remember good company, fine times, and country air. Ah, country air…

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