Big Brother 07

If you’re a regular reader to my blog, you’ll know that I go to concerts, theatre, serious discussions about life, architecture and politics and generally speaking, lead a lifestyle in which ideas and creativity are important. You’ll also know that I have very low-brow tastes as well. So it probably won’t surprise you to know I’m a fan of “Big Brother”.

JamieThis is a photograph of Jamie who I suspect will be my favourite character from this year’s Australian “Big Brother”. Mind you, he could turn out to be a total loser who I will hate by week two. But at this stage, he comes across as the most understated, most real person on this year’s program. I also get a slight “gay” vibe from him, despite tonight’s news that he lived with his former fiance and her mother for a while. “I haven’t had a date with a girl since the 90’s that wasn’t on the internet”, he told Gretel tonight. But yeah, he comes across as quite nice.

I also quite like Kate, the largish girl from Melbourne who works for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, but who says she’s sick to death of having a job where people complain all day long. Tell me about it! Thomas, the tall guy from Western Australia who is separated from his wife also seems quite nice, as does TJ (the girl from the Northern Territory) and Andrew (the Melbourne fire-fighter who says all his friends think he’s gay – “But I’m not”).

All of the rest seem like the usual “Big Brother” suspects. Loud mouthed. Overly confident. Looking for a job in PR. Body-centric. You get the drift. I mean, I already hate Bodie (what kind of name is that?) with a passion. If he was Bodhi, that might be okay, but Bodie? The mormon girl is all a bit “try hard” if you know what I mean. And as for the bloke with the “headband”… well he seems okay actually, but the headband is also a little “try hard”. So why do I watch?

OK, here comes the self-justification as to why I watch this show: it’s about people adjusting to an unusual situation. I’ve always been a “people watcher”, and I’m usually a pretty good character judge, instantly recognising those who are genuine and those who are totally false. And as usual, I’m sure I’ll find myself hooked, getting home just in time to cook dinner before the seven o’clock show, and staying up far too late watching “Up Late”.

So yes, another year of high brow and low brow posts on this blog. It’s just the bits in between I can’t stand. Welcome to BB07.

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  1. Yeah I don’t mind nerd-guy… he seems quite sweet on morman-girl already but I suspect she finds him “safe”. I like Thomas and think the Hayley-Andrew-Billy thing is very interesting to watch. Andrew is looking very threatened and methinks he thinks Hayley is taking the Thomas-decoy-attention a bit far!

    The other bit I like is the white room idea – though I’m not sure I’d want to be in the room!

    So… you are not alone!

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