Wedding Party

I went to a wedding last night: the wedding of Damien and Rhea. I’ve known Damien for about ten years (I guess), and Rhea for about the three years they’ve been together. I guess they’ve been living together for about two, and now, aged in their late 20s have decided it was time to formalise their relationship. Held at a pub in Drummoyne, it was a relaxed, friendly affair, lacking some of the formality and traditionalism of some weddings I’ve been to. A very nice, memorable occasion, and one which I think they’ll be able to look back on many years into the future without embarrassment, because it was clearly “their work”, not something imposed on them.

The wedding was also good fun as I had the opportunity to catch up with a few people I hadn’t seen for a while, and to meet someone in person I’d only ever spoken to on the phone to before. “Didn’t I meet you in Perth?”, I said to an older woman who, like me, was taking photographs. “I’ve met you before”, I said to another, a woman who has known Damien since he was a teenager. And amusingly, I briefly sat next to a woman who I’d had several telephone conversations with, and with whom I share a number of common acquaintances, but had never actually met before.

Wedding Paperwork

It was also nice that it was held on Holy Thursday, meaning I was able to sleep in this morning. And that’s a good thing, because I’m hoping this Easter will be as relaxed as possible. I’ve been working fairly hard for the last few months and I need a break. I’ll be catching up with a few people over the next few days and trying to think as little as possible about work. For the time being at least…

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